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  • Zap Unwanted Hair

    Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal uses a laser or pulsed light to offer a near permanent solution to unwanted facial and body hair.

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    Tattoo Removal

    Say goodbye to that tattoo you regret. We offer several options for tattoo removal, including laser and pulsed light therapy.

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    Skin Treatment Results

    A popular anti-aging remedy, laser skin resurfacing reduces the visibility of wrinkles, scars, and discolored spots.

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Laser Cosmetic Surgery

Have you ever stopped to consider how famous actors and performers perpetually look young? Many people are convinced that they're getting facelift after facelift, when in fact that's not at all what they're doing. Facelifts are a very invasive form of plastic surgery and cannot be performed over and over without flaws and imperfections developing. Instead, the beautiful people in the world opt for skin treatments that lend to gorgeous skin, perfectly sculpted hair lines, and a blemish-free appearance. Lasers are used in this form of cosmetic surgery, which is actually free from any surgery.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can be used to create perfect eyebrows, remove unsightly or unwanted facial hairs and neck hairs. Laser hair removal is also popular when attempting to create the perfect bikini line. This is a common procedure used by actors, musicians, and other performers who want that perfect sheen, glow, and on-camera presence that must come across as beautiful by any standard. Laser hair removal is in a group of skin treatments that are non-invasive, do not require a hospital stay, have a short healing time, and show immediate results after each session. Laser skin resurfacing is another type of laser-affected skin treatments.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing has become one of the most popular anti-aging skin treatments. The results can be very dramatic, including glowing skin, reduced wrinkles, and decreased areas of other discolorations. Current procedures performed by your cosmetic surgeon are non-invasive, leaving you free to go about your day after each session. Laser skin resurfacing also has a short healing time as only top layers of skin have been removed. This allows the layer below to thrive, which aids in the healing. Again, this is one of the most common skin treatments among Hollywood stars. It leaves the skin hydrated, with a healthy sheen. If you've ever commented that a particular actress looks great without any makeup, it's skin treatments like laser skin resurfacing that lead to remarkable looking skin.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is another laser cosmetic surgery that delivers on its promise to remove the ink you thought was permanent. If you have a tattoo you'd like removed for any reason, local cosmetic surgeons can help by answering all your questions, describing the procedure, and showing your before and after pictures of previous clients.

Ask your local plastic surgeon about these various skin treatments if you'd like your skin to be as gorgeous and healthy as you see on movie stars, pop singers, and television personalities.


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